Smackdown Vs Raw 2009 Released For Mobile Phones

THQ Wireless has sent above the trailer for the game, with the boys to, as these screenshots:. In addition to being released to the beginning of this month on all major gaming formats, WWE Smackdown Vs Raw 2009 video game is now for mobile phones.

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Nicole Kidman Quot Prada Luggage In Australia Movie

Usually has Luxe Louis Vuitton luggage down the product placement - particularly during the movies. But it seems that Prada won this round with a series of fab tailored to the luggage Nicole Kidman character Sarah Australia.The series includes trunks, suitcases, hat boxes and a picnic set craftsmanship of the brand signature leather Parchment ..

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George Clooney Plays Fancy Dress Basketball

George is currently located in Roswell New Mexico for the next Flick Men Who Stare at Goats.. A moustachioed George Clooney nuts for basketball! L actor looked unrecognizable as he bounced around dressed in full military gear and wearing a wig.

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Hartnett Dating Miller

Actor Josh Hartnett was reported to have noticed that another intimate evening in London with British stars Sienna Miller, fueling rumors have appointments. Hartnett is currently living in the capital, while he stars in the new West End production of Rain Man. The couple are said to have enjoyed a secret date last week in exclusive Shoreditch House members bar in East London, according to the Book of London..

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Beckham Spotted Cosying With Francesca

David Beckham soccer ace was reportedly spotted get cozy with Francesca Leiweke watched as an LA Lakers basketball game together. L last time the couple has lived apart when he played for Real Madrid, Becks was suspected of having read Rebecca Loos, 31. David Beckham Francesca Leiweke and (Photo Reuters) More Photos Beckham was noted semper sneaking glances at cheerleaders, but this time the LA Galaxy star had eyes only for Leiweke, which fans noticed as a young and curvier version of Becks wife Victoria.

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